Connexions – Early Birds

Upcoming Dates 2020

Thursday 27th August – ONLINE VIA ZOOM

Thursday 24th September – Exploring Value and Growth in the 21st Century World by Teresa Fennell ONLINE VIA ZOOM

Meeting Leader: Pam Clark

To book please call 07916688281 or email

A Nurse by background, Pam enjoyed the majority of her career within Specialist Palliative Care as a Community Nurse Specialist and latterly a Lecturer in Palliative Care. Having witnessed the devastation of chronic illness Pam chose to re-train as a Nutritional Therapist to try to reach people earlier on in their health journey. 

Pam often finds people are overwhelmed with the information available to them and so combining the Nutritional advice with personalised coaching based around their goals works very powerfully and Pam learns constantly from her clients.

Pam is committed to sharing as much information on healthful living as possible and posts frequently on social media, in her Free Facebook group (Robust Healthful living), writes for a variety of publications and offers presentations and workshops.

Pam looks forward to welcoming you to our Early Bird meetings.