4 Things You Can Be Doing Right Now For Your Digital Marketing

On 27thMarch, co-owner of Connexions and digital marketing expert Amy Hobson was Live in our Facebook group talking about what you can be doing with your digital marketing during the current Coronavirus crisis.  In the this blog Amy highlights 4 key things you should be doing now (you can watch the live on catch up here).

1. Review your customer offering

This might sound obvious but have you looked at your business and reviewed it to see what you can safely (and legally) still offer to your customers? If your business is purely face to face and requires contact (i.e. hairdresser, therapist etc.) this may be more difficult but for lots of businesses it is still possible to offer a service or product online.  For some businesses it may just be a case of moving online to a virtual meeting rather than a face to face one.  If you are a therapist could you offer home kits for clients to use themselves, or provide content that will help them?  It may not be part of your original business plan but these aren’t normal times so your plan may need to be shelved or adapted.   Or it might be that you had a long term plan to offer something online and the current situation means that you can bring this part of your plan forward.   

2. Review your digital presence

Now is a great time to look at your digital presence and make updates and changes. For your website look at your metatags, image descriptions and blogs.  Are you using the right keywords for your customers?  Does your website still reflect your business and the services you provide?  If you don’t have a blog then I’d strongly recommend that you use this time to create one. They are a great way of improving your SEO, great for sharing on social media and can really add value for your customers contact with you.  What blog can you write that would help your customers (or potential customers) right now?  Also look at your social media profiles. As busy business owners we very often set up our accounts and then concentrate on the content but your About section, bios, descriptions, services etc. are an important tool in your profile being discovered. 

3. Plan your content

Developing and using a content calendar can be a life saver when it comes to digital marketing.  A couple of hours regularly spent on a plan can save you hours in procrastination, content management and, let’s face it, the inevitable time wasted looking at a blank screen trying to figure out what to do!  It also means that your content can be more meaningful and more likely to engage as it is intended rather than just something to fill a gap.  A good calendar should plan at least a couple of weeks ahead (ideally a month) so that you can steer your content in the right direction.   Not all of your content should be scheduled, however, so your weekly plan should include time to monitor and update in real time. 

4. Turn up and be present

Digital marketing isn’t a one time only thing.  Once you start using it, you have to keep using it to get the benefits from it.  It just doesn’t work if you show up once, do the bare minimum and then walk away.  Regularity and consistency is rewarded by all of the platforms and new (and regular) content is something that search engines thrive on.  So put your plan in place and work on it regularly to stay active.  Put simply – when your customers are ready to buy will they go to a company that has invested time in building a relationship, added value with their content and been responsive to their queries or will they buy from someone who only appears when they have something to sell?  

If you want to find out more about digital marketing (she loves talking about it) or how Amy can help you come up with a strategy and plan that helps grow your business please get in touch by email amy@focusyourfuture.co.uk or go to www.focusyourfuture.co.uk

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